13 reasons why running is the best sport for business women!

Forest run

While many trend sports come and go, running stays and the percentage of female runners is at 40% and rising fast, higher than in many other sports. Why is that?

1. It provides a perfect balance to sitting at the desk in front of a screen

Running strengthens not only the leg muscles, but all muscles, while at the same time improving your stanima. There are countless fitness courses for the hip, butt and upper thighs, as well as for back problems. You can drop those, because running covers all of it. Why do you think all those soccer players have such noteworthy backsides? They run a lot.

2. It has several healthy side-effects

  • There are long-term studies that found that running reduces the risk of Alzheimer.
  • It increases your VO2 max (?).
  • Aside to all the stanima, endurance and muscles you’re gaining, you are also loosing weight in all the right places
  • After half a year of regular running and progress, you tend to adjust your lifestyle to a more healthy one without even noticing. That includes more healthy sleeping, eating and drinking (water). It’s a natural side-effect of regular running and comes effortlessly.
  • You keep your mobility and independency a lot longer in old age when you keep running

3. It is independent of the weather if you have the right gear

4. It is independent of where you are – at home, on holiday or on a business trip. You can run anywhere at any time. Sometimes with a bit more preparation, sometimes with less.

5. It is independent of any schedule, but can be fitted into your schedule flexibly.

6. It doesn’t require a gym membership or any regular investment that you feel pressured by

7. It brings you closer to nature and to the change of seasons

8. You can choose to do it alone, but it can also be a very sociable sport and there are countless running groups everywhere

9. For those competitive ladies out there and those who dig gamification, it really satisfies that need to compete and to win, no matter whether you win against yourself (best a previous run), against others or if you win a badge that you can stick into your virtual trophy hall. It’s also a lot easier than you may think to run in a local race which is always a special and uplifting experience, even if you are not among the top 3.

10. If you pace yourself well, listen to your body and to all the great guides out there, and don’t overdo it, the risk of injury is very low compared to other kinds of sports.

11. It’s highly diversified. No run is exactly the same. The weather changes, the temperature, nature around you changes, you can change the route, the goal of the run (tempo/training/interval/…), the music you are listening to and you’ll find some new experience in every run (except when you go treadmil).

12. You can do it at any age. I’ve read many stories of women who even started running in their sixties and I’ve never been the oldest at a race by far. It’s all a question of pace and preserverance

The thing I personally love most about running is firstly the ultimate freedom that this sport gives me and secondly that it really brought me closer to nature again. I spend so much time outside in the fresh air and for me it is incredibly energizing and motivating.

At first I thought I couldn’t fit it into my busy work life, but it is possible. If you are a business women who wants to take up running too, feel free to join my !Business Women Run! Fitness Program. Find out more about it here.

And here is a little added side benefit:

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