Parity at Work & being an employee of CHEP

When I started to work at a “Pallet company” 2 years ago, I had not in the least anticipated how exciting and rewarding this would become. At first glance, the topic sounds even boring, but CHEP is so very much more than just a pallet company!

Soon I started to see blue pallets everywhere, I learned how logistics and the world-wide traffic of fast moving consumer goods dependeds on CHEP. I realised that without those ‘boring’ pallets, our supermarkets would be empty! I have an amazing manager who encouraged me to really learn about this business and how it works. The more I learned, the more clients I visited with our account managers, the more fascinating it became (surprisingly).

And yet this was just the first step into a whole new world – as blue as our planet.

CHEP reguarly gets prestigious awards for sustainability and actively helping to save the environment, reducing deforestation and CO2 emissions and is ranked among the top 3 of the Dow Jones Sustainability index (see here).

Also the award for being a top employer (which I can absolutely confirm) and working for Inclusion & Diversity and gender parity, something I actively support as well, as CHEP is a sponsor of the LEAD Network Europe.

I support the LEAD Network, because just like in the digital world, I made it my mission to bring down borders ~
whether they are formed by fear, self-limiting beliefs or conscious/unconscious bias. Borders create separation and that nurtures disparity. I want to help to #BalanceForBetter

Amazing things happen to people and their drive to better themselves, once they let go of self-limiting beliefs, bias and fear – and discover that they are strong and courageous!

So when this social media post went out to all of CHEP’s social media channels, I have to say I was proud not only to be in it, but also to be part of CHEP and Brambles. (see post here)

For two years, I built up those social media channels in Europe and made them gain followers and reach, so that more people realise, that CHEP is so much more than a pallet producer!

To actually appear in one of the posts on the channels I helped to built up…….
one private great moment in my life in this wonderfully blue company. 🙂

I don’t want to forget this moment, so I just had to write a blog post about it.

Yours, Julia


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