Jedem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne..

Märchentante Julia

noch vor wenigen Jahren hat mir das vollauf genügt, der Kick etwas Neues anzufangen von dem ich wusste das es mir Spaß macht und erfolgreich wird. Online sein war ein großer Teil  meines Berufes und mein Leben hat mehr on- als offline stattgefunden. Jedes Hobby oder Interesse habe ich online gebracht. Wie zum Beispiel mein […]

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How to dress for a cold weather run as a woman

Happy New Year

How should I dress as a woman for a cold weather winter run in sub-zero temperatures? In this article I’ll show you in a short youtube how I dress for the – 10° to 5° C (14 – 41 F) that we usually have here in the south of Germany. You can run in every […]

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Parity at Work & being an employee of CHEP

When I started to work at a “Pallet company” 2 years ago, I had not in the least anticipated how exciting and rewarding this would become. At first glance, the topic sounds even boring, but CHEP is so very much more than just a pallet company! Soon I started to see blue pallets everywhere, I […]

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“He for he at work” by Vân Nguyen (guest blog)

Julia: “This great blog has been written by Vân Nguyen, fellow member of the marketing committee of the LEAD Network and Communications & Pursuits Strategist at EY. I would like to feature it, because it touches on two very important concepts that are essential for Inclusion and Diversity – incuding men in I & D efforts […]

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TCS Amsterdam Marathon – my first – 21st of October 2018

It isn’t easy for me to write about this experience and still keep you motivated. I was never one to sugar coat things, I’m a fan of honest and direct communication, because I think it’s more efficient and in the long run less hurtful. But please keep reading to the end, because my first marathon […]

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Diversity & Inclusion in real life – where to start?

Inclusion & Diversity

By now almost everyone has heard about it somewhere… this new trending topic of “Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace”….. even here in Germany. But there are still so many misconceptions about what it really means. I myself didn’t really know what it encompasses more than one year ago. Back then I joined the LEAD […]

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13 reasons why running is the best sport for business women!

Forest run

While many trend sports come and go, running stays and the percentage of female runners is at 40% and rising fast, higher than in many other sports. Why is that? 1. It provides a perfect balance to sitting at the desk in front of a screen Running strengthens not only the leg muscles, but all […]

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