!Business Women Run!

A fitness guide especially for business women who have no time for conventional fitness programs!

thumbs upDo you know this scenario:
You’ve just come back from a business trip with a 10 hour schedule and dinner with the business contacts afterwards. You get back to your hotel room way too late and go straight to bed with a full belly, because in the morning you need to be sharp and at your best during the meeting.
During breakfast you already have your first conf call or tackle the most urgent emails on your mobile and when you get back home you feel winded out and just want to do the couch potato, despite the great weather outside and despite what your friends do. When you finally feel refreshed it’s time to pack the bags for the next trip and you meanwhile avoid stepping on those scales….

When you’re not on a trip you sit in front of a screen way too long without moving a lot and your back starts aching, your neck is long since frozen into place and you got a stash of pain killers against the migranes with you all the time and everywhere.

That was me before October 2017.

And with 43 years on my back, I thought there was no chance to get out of this unhealthy lifestyle and still give 120% at my job that I love. That’s when a colleague implanted the idea of running into my brain. (Read the full story here). That’s when I started running, after almost 10 years of doing no sport at all!

I weighed 64 kg at a height of 162 cm and bringing up the washing from the cellar got me puffin’!

Six months of running later, I ran my first 10 km race on 13th of May and one year later, October 2018, I’ve finished the Amsterdam Marathon! My life has quite drastically changed – positively. But it was not easy. Being a busy & ambitious business woman AND being fit requires some real adjustments.

And who am I to keep all this gained knowledge to myself? Since my job is all about sharing & connecting, I decided to do that as well with my fitness experience.
Sure I’m no fitness coach, but I am a coach in my work life and this is specifically for others like me – business women who have really busy work lives, but don’t want to fall short of their health.
In fact, success in the corporate world and on the running track are not so very different!

This guide consists of blog articles, videos and personal 1:1 coaching and more (on request).

Are you still pondering whether running is the right sport for you? Here are 13 reasons why the answer is YES!

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