!BWR Fitness Guide!

The BWR Fitness guide is designed in a way that you can enter it on any level:

1. Couchpotato Level

Goal: Get up and start using those legs
It is absolutely possible, but you have to prepare and consider several things before you start out. Otherwise you’ll run once, over-exert yourself, suffer and stop. Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt. The secret is the correct preparation, just as if you would also prepare an important meeting. This is for women who did no sport at all so far, or for the last years. Go to guide ->

2. Beginner Level: Fit-but-new-at-running

Goal: Run to your first ‘Runner’s High’
After that first ‘Runner’s High’, you won’t want to stop. It really does exist and that’s when it starts to become a (very healthy) addiction. This is for women who have been active so far but never tried running. You can start at a different level, but still have to mind quite a few things if you want to get there. Go to guide ->
And before you know it, you are an:

3. Experienced Runner

Goal: Exchange experience, inspiration, motivation and challenges with others like you
This does not depend on a distance, pace or time. It just means that you run regularly, you love it and you’ve done it for quite some time now and are looking for new ways to make it even more efficient and fun. This is for women who want to take their running to the next level, maybe train for a 10, half marathon or even a marathon. Go to page ->

What does the BWR Fitness guide entail?

Guidance – Information – Tips & Tricks – Coaching – Motivation – Inspiration – Fun
…tailored for you as a business woman or a very busy woman.
In the form of blog articles, videos, useful links, coaching, virtual events & runs and online group support within our virtual community.  There is a wealth of great information on the internet, if you know where to look… this guide brings the best of it together in a logical order and independent of any brands.
You don’t need to join the guide in order to be part of our virtual community however. A lot of the information is openly available for everyone, just like our community.

Here are 13 reasons why running is maybe the healthiest sport and why you should start with it!

How does the BWR guide and these blog pages work?

Every important bit of information is a highlighted link which leads to more information on the linked word or phrase. It opens in a new window, so you can delve deeper into the guide.

What do you need to do if you want to join the BWR Fitness guide?

You have two options:

  1. Sign up for it by contacting me and sending me your email.
  2. Join our Strava group (Strava comes free and is the largest device-agnostic running app)

It is free of charge and if you like it, you can advertise it of course in your social network. All I will ask for is to make a voluntary donation to the European Food Banks Federation who fight food waste in Europe. Food waste is tremendous scandal that is given little attention by the media and a cause very worth supporting. The amount of the donation is up to you, and I won’t ask you.


Doing this only for business women does not mean by implication that I exclude men or women who follow a different profession in life. In fact I’m actively supporting organisations fighting for diversity, equality and inclusion. It simply means that I limit myself to this group, because this is where I have the experience and can share it. In running it is a physiological fact that men can perform differently to women.

I am not a doctor and I can’t give medical advice. If you choose to participate in the guide, you are still responsible for its application to you and your own health and if you are in doubt about anything, you should see your doctor.

As you may have noticed, I’m German and our communication is somewhat more direct and open – some consider it more efficient, others feel it’s almost a bit rude, but it isn’t meant rude. Also I will not refrain from using irony and sarcasm at times, in the hopes it makes you smile.

I’m not making any promises, like for example that you will loose weight or be more healthy. Running alone can’t change that, it depends on a multitude of different and very individual factors, including your physiology, your eating habits, your sleeping habits and many more.