Headphones for running business women

I’ve ran with wire headphones – and won’t ever do it again if I can avoid it. Bluetooth headphones is the way to go!

Not only does the wire wiggle around while running, making a scratchy sound, it gets tangled up – in both clothing and your earrings (I’m too lazy to take them out).

Why do you need headphones when you don’t listen to music?

You’ll need them to listen to your running programs. Especially when you start with running, you will have a lot more chance for success if you have the voice of your virtual coach in your ear telling you to slow down to a walk or speed up to a jog when the interval is done. If you try to do this by looking at your watch you’ll most likely fail – you’re busy running and breathing.

The right kind of headphones – it’s a Science!

Here are things to consider:

Bluetooth or cable? If you go bluetooth, it will cost you, because you’ll need a really good one that stays in the ear, fits, is sweat-resistant and has enough battery to last you through a long run as well.

If you go cable, you’ll always need to consider where on your body to carry the phone, so that the cable reaches the ear and doesn’t get in your way during the run. In summer, when you don’t need to wear much, that can become annoying.

In winter you either need over-ear headphones that you can hear through your beanie, or wireless earbuds that go under the beanie. Of course you could wear wire earbuds under the hoodie, but the cable tends to transport the rubbing noise it makes against your shawl to your ears and that’s really annoying (or maybe I’m overly sensitive here). You could decide to go without a beanie, but I wouldn’t advise it. Your head looses a lot of heat and there’s nothing worse than frozen ear tips…

Warm/hot weather:

Trekz Titanium bone induction bluetooth earphones.
The bone induction works perfectly and it makes you a lot safer, because you can still hear cars or bicyclists coming up behind you.
Available in a small size for women and in five trendy colours. They sit perfectly over the ear and don’t hinder movement. I’ve read many reviews and found no bad one so far. Downside: Don’t work with a sweatband, but work perfectly with a cap and sunglasses. The battery life is perfect for a full marathon (I had them in use for 5:30 hours straight on high volume)

Cold weather:

You can pick any over-ear Bluetooth phones. Your ears stay warm and protected against the wind (you wear them over a beanie). It’s important to pick ones that have a cushioning along the top of the frame and that fit well to your head’s size, so they stay comfortable and don’t slide.

Last winter I ran with over-ear noise-cancelling high quality headphones that I wore over my beanie. Yes it may be a bit more dangerous with the noise-cancelling, but I’m only crossing one street and there are no bikers about in winter (at least where I run). But to run through the winter landscape hearing only your music… heavenly.

I would actually not recommend something like the airpods from Apple, because they can slip out easily and since they are so small and you are running, you could have a hard time finding your expensive piece of tech again (search for something white in snow).

Alternative: Meanwhile there are alternatives which are made for use during sport and are less expensive. Truly wireless bluetooth earbuds that you can wear below a beanie or hoodie and have no wire that rubs against the beanie and gets entangled in your shawl. I’ll try one out this winter and will report back.

One may say I’m over-thinking and over-testing this… but for me music that is in tune with my mood and my run is almost half of the joy.