Stage 2: Beginner Level

Welcome to the program “Running for beginners”

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To get you into the mood, I’d recommend to read this blog article about the time when I started out on this journey, here. It also gives you an overview of things to consider.

This is the right entry level if you have been keeping fit and are maybe doing another kind of sport already. Especially for muscle-building sports, running is a great alternate sport as it adds cardio fitness to your muscles.

No matter on which level you start, when you start running you should prepare yourself properly, otherwise it will be a short and disappointing experience.
Therefore you can follow the Couchpotato program, since the first goal is the same for both:

To manage to run without walking for 30 minutes, and then get to the 5 k distance.

You will probably get there faster and the only difference to the Couchpotato program is:
What you need to prepare:  1. Guided Running Program

Since you are already fit, you can follow a more demanding beginner’s guided program without spitting out your lungs. I would still strongly recommend though to follow all the other preparation suggestions, otherwise you won’t make it to the 5 k distance.

Many who run “at the side” don’t take it all too seriously and do a lot of short distance tempo runs. While they can run fast, this is not the kind of running that comes with all the many benefits you’ve probably heard of. Those come with a lower but constant effort over a longer distance.

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