Parity at Work & being an employee of CHEP

When I started to work at a “Pallet company” 2 years ago, I had not in the least anticipated how exciting and rewarding this would become. At first glance, the topic sounds even boring, but CHEP is so very much more than just a pallet company! Soon I started to see blue pallets everywhere, I […]

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“He for he at work” by Vân Nguyen (guest blog)

Julia: “This great blog has been written by Vân Nguyen, fellow member of the marketing committee of the LEAD Network and Communications & Pursuits Strategist at EY. I would like to feature it, because it touches on two very important concepts that are essential for Inclusion and Diversity – incuding men in I & D efforts […]

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Diversity & Inclusion in real life – where to start?

Inclusion & Diversity

By now almost everyone has heard about it somewhere… this new trending topic of “Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace”….. even here in Germany. But there are still so many misconceptions about what it really means. I myself didn’t really know what it encompasses more than one year ago. Back then I joined the LEAD […]

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13 reasons why running is the best sport for business women!

Forest run

While many trend sports come and go, running stays and the percentage of female runners is at 40% and rising fast, higher than in many other sports. Why is that? 1. It provides a perfect balance to sitting at the desk in front of a screen Running strengthens not only the leg muscles, but all […]

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Diversity and the Need for Balance

When a colleague told me about the LEAD Network Europe, and I read about what it is and what it does, I immediatelly joined. There was never a question in my mind whether or not this is a cause worth supporting. I feel very strongly about equality. We all have deserved to be given the […]

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Business Women Run!

Last summer one of my lovely colleagues asked me if I wanted to take part in a virtual fitness event (Virgin Pulse Global Challange) organised by Brambles and I said that I don’t think I could even take up the sport of running, that I was too old. A bit later that prompted me to […]

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Career choice: What to do when you don’t know what to do?!

The world is brimming full with great advice on how to get your dream job, how to reach that goal in your work life, how to make it to the position you want to be in. But what if you simply don’t know what you want? Some people immediately assume various things about you, like.. […]

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Seminare & Beiträge zum Thema “Marketing Automation”


zu diesem Thema wurden vor kurzem zwei meiner Artikel in deutsch auf dem Blog von veröffentlicht: Marketing Automation – der Weg zu unschlagbarer Individualisierung! In diesem Artikel geht es darum was Marketing Automation eigentlich wirklich ist und bedeutet. Link: Marketing Automation: Mit welchen Hürden Sie konfrontiert werden! Der Titel beschreibt den Inhalt recht gut. […]

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Demystifying Marketing Automation ~ Was ist Marketing Automation

Warum sollte dich das kümmern? ~ Why should you care? Du brauchst nicht mal ein Konto bei Amazon – wenn Du ein Smartphone mit seinen Fabrikeinstellungen hast, dann hast du bereits eine Email / Facebook Werbung / Twitter Post / Google Werbung (…) bekommen, die von einer Marketing Automation Software an dich verschickt wurde. You […]

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