How to dress for a cold weather run as a woman

Happy New Year

How should I dress as a woman for a cold weather winter run in sub-zero temperatures? In this article I’ll show you in a short youtube how I dress for the – 10° to 5° C (14 – 41 F) that we usually have here in the south of Germany. You can run in every […]

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TCS Amsterdam Marathon – my first – 21st of October 2018

It isn’t easy for me to write about this experience and still keep you motivated. I was never one to sugar coat things, I’m a fan of honest and direct communication, because I think it’s more efficient and in the long run less hurtful. But please keep reading to the end, because my first marathon […]

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13 reasons why running is the best sport for business women!

Forest run

While many trend sports come and go, running stays and the percentage of female runners is at 40% and rising fast, higher than in many other sports. Why is that? 1. It provides a perfect balance to sitting at the desk in front of a screen Running strengthens not only the leg muscles, but all […]

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The 1st 10k race

Today, 13th of May 2018, I ran my very first 10 k race and I feel absolutely wonderful! For me it’s a bit of a milestone, more so than the 5k race. I managed to get from 5k to 10k. That means that I can equally get from 10 k to a half marathon if […]

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Business Women Run!

Last summer one of my lovely colleagues asked me if I wanted to take part in a virtual fitness event (Virgin Pulse Global Challange) organised by Brambles and I said that I don’t think I could even take up the sport of running, that I was too old. A bit later that prompted me to […]

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