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There are many things we can talk about, help each other, share and more. It’s now more important than ever that women in business support each other and mentor each other. When we do – great things happen! I’ve seen it, and it’s really special.

For sharing routes, segments and competing (voluntarily) in friendly virtual challenges:

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This is our main community meet-up as it offers the most benefits for running groups.

In case you use a Garmin watch for tracking your runs, steps, sleep etc. you can additionally:

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For watching tips & tricks videos, tutorials, videos from runs in different cities and more:

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For sharing your images from your runs and seeing those of others in the community:

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We also have a Facebook group, but I won’t be in it, as I’m trying to avoid Facebook for many different reasons. But you can still join and use the group with other runners.

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Welcome among the business women who run!