Preparation before a run

It’s time! And while the right gear can enable you to run in any weather condition, it’s a good idea to – at least at the beginning – pick some good weather in order to find the joy in running swiftly.

Something I always do the day before a run ideally, is to check out the weather with the App “The Weather Channel“, because it has a so-called Running Index where you can set your ideal running conditions and then the app will give you a forecast when they are most likely met. It will tell you running conditions for each hour of the next day and the whole week ahead in a nice overview. Also you can see the live sattelite view with rain clouds for the next couple of hours – great to check right before a run.

Plan your distance and your route. A great rule of thumb is that you should increase your distance by taking the km you’ve run the previous week and increase by around 10%. Then take that number and try to split it up between your next week’s runs. 
That way (and by diligently taking some Magnesium after a run), you can avoid sore muscles and overexertion. 
For route planning I’m using mostly “Strava Routes” and in addition sometimes also Garmin Connect Courses. I do this mostly because I have a horrid sense of direction and try to avoid getting lost, also when I plan my route along popular segments, I can usually be sure to hit a nice running track.
Finally of course I make sure my playlist or guided running program is long enough for the estimated time the route will take me – or vice versa.

Put out your clothing and gear. It may be a pet peeve, but if I prepare all my stuff the day before, according to the expected weather and light conditions, the resistance threshold to actually go on that run subjectively decreases. Especially when you have a short time window for your run, you can’t afford wasting time for searching for that sweat band or your protective lip gloss. Also, you can make sure that your devices (e.g. bluetooth headphones) are fully charged and any playlist or guided runs are downloaded, so you can listen to them offline. 

Yep, there’s more to think about than one would think! 🙂