Running Apps for Business Women who run

Yet again the choice is near endless, because there are fitness apps that track runs and all the brands producing trackers/GPS devices naturally have an app as well.

The most popular are: Strava, Runtastic, Runkeeper – these are primarily made for runners.

Of course Apps like Apple Health, Samsung Health (…), MyFitnessPal…. track runs too, plus they track your calorie intake and other activities, but yet again:
If you want to focus on running, I would recommend an app that was made for that. It doesn’t mean you can’t have your well-earned “Calories burnt” count in other health apps you’re using too.

The secret is to use an app that is as open-source as possible and syncs with the most other Fitness apps. I’ve tried multiple pairings and set-ups and it was a quite costly and sometimes annoying experience, maybe because I like metrics and statistics and most of all their accuracy.

So this is another reason I like Garmin. The app that comes with it is focused on runners, but it also tracks sleep, stress level, steps, weight, heart rate (including resting heart rate), floors climbed, intensity minutes (time spent with workouts), Calories burnt and many other activities as well (depending on the watch of course).
The best thing: It syncs with most other apps, among them Runtastic and – and this is most important – Strava.

Why is Strava so important? I’m going to recommend you to use it alongside your tracker’s app from day 1. The reason for this is because Strava is the most used running app and it features something called “Segments”.

As a business woman you probably travel a lot and it’s easier than you think to go on a run before your day starts. Strava Segments will make it easy for you to run in any strange city, even if you have never been there before. It will show you where the locals are running and even guide you safely back to your hotel. Yes some others do that too – but the more people use it the better it works.

Hence, my recommendation here is the Garmin app, set up to sync with Strava. If you decide for another tracker, make sure it syncs with Strava, because otherwise you have to track your run on two devices at the same time, then delete one, you have to bring your mobile phone on every run… it’s annoying.

On the other hand, if you follow this recommendation from the start, you will benefit from a wealth of useful metrics, including lifetime km/miles and the upwards curve of your health stats like e.g. VO2Max, pace, distance run….  that is very motivating.

And this is only the beginning of the topic of apps for runners…