Stage 3: Experienced Runner

You’ve ran for 30 min straight or even managed to run 5 k a few times? Congratulations! You’re a runner!

And I bet you can still remember the time when you said to yourself: “I will never be able to do that!” – But, nothing makes you eat your own words from the past more than running!

All the many health guides, run trainers and experts and my own sports physician agree on one thing: If you manage to keep up running for a minimum of 3 x 30 min a week, you’ll keep up your current form and benefit from the myriad of health benefits of running.

So what is next?

In order to keep up the fun and joy of running, you need to mix it up, try out new and different things and there are many ways to do that!

  • Incorporate running into your holidays and business trips. Did you know that some cities offer guided sightseeing tour runs for runners? I’ve never done that, I tend to rely on Strava’s segments.
  • Virtually compete with other business women in many different friendly competitions by joining our community.
  • Sign up for a race. There are races for a 5 k distance, 10 k, half marathons, marathons and more all over the world and more and more are women-only. It’s stress-free because the top ten are usually reserved for the professional runners, so you don’t need to win, you only run for yourself and to experience the race day atmosphere (and get a finisher’s medal maybe)

FAQ’s & most common challenges and what to do =>

There are many great things you can do to keep running interesting, but I’ve found it essential at one point to join a running community – not necessarily to run in groups, but to exchange thoughts, ideas and helpful tips and tricks, share experiences and motivate each other. That works very well within a virtual community:

Join our Strava Club

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I realize that at the launch of this Program, these groups will still be small. But that will change. In the meantime and in addition there is another great virtual community for female runners that has girls working for it 24/7 and that is “Girls run the world” #GTRW

I’m looking forward to the exchange with you!